About the Program

The Experitest Certification Program is a way for skilled QA professionals to display their expertise to the world. It validates your skills and demonstrates your proficiency in the latest Experitest solutions. It's a rigorous process and its completion sets you apart from other professionals in the field. The goal of the Experitest Certification Program is to:

  • Provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing SeeTest skills and knowledge.
  • Provide Experitest with a method of building and validating the SeeTest skills of individuals and organizations.
  • Develop a loyal community of highly skilled, certified professionals who recommend, sell, service, support and/or use Experitest's products and solutions.

Why become a certified member?

  1. Gain clear recognition for your expertise of SeeTest and mobile test automation
  2. Receive the SeeTest Certification Package: Certification document, logo, LinkedIn certification ID.
  3. Get listed on the Experitest Certified SeeTest directory (only for service companies)
  4. Receive leads from companies seeking professional services for SeeTest (only for service companies)